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one day, I will look like this.

one day, I will look like this.

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Okay, todays summary.

Food = 2500+, (bad, good at the time)
Exercise = 7.5 mile run (with a mile walk after 10k (not included in 7.5) (Good)
Overall = pretty good day, as I had allowed myself an eat whatever you like day.

I was only about 200 cals over maintenance, the rest of the week I’ve never been above so its all good :)

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lol, so true




lol, so true

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18/3/12 - 6:30am 10k

I loved running this morning :) I went out aboutt 6:30, there was still frost on the ground but the sun was shining and the temperature was perfect. I started slow because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish after my series of disappointing runs this week, and it payed off. I ran as hard as I could in the last kilometre which took my average pace to 8:50, considering this was the longest I have ran for at least a month I was quite pleased :)

Anyway, I was aiming to run 10k, which I did, but then after I’d finished I walked a mile and then ran an extra 2 kilometres, I just felt so free and unstoppable. So I ran about 7.5 miles in total, which for a lot of you is next to nothing, but I’m feeling quite pleased with myself right now :) Off to my Grandmas to eat anything I like, today is a “cheat” day. Although, unless I go over 2200 cals I’ll still be within my weekly goal so its not really cheating :)

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Reblog if you’re bored and want random anons.

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Measurements & Plan for tomorrow

I took my measurements earlier, I think I’ll take them once a month from now on. They were:

Bust - 35”
Waist - 28”
Hips/Navel - 35.5”
Butt - 40.5”
Thigh - 23”

I am incredibly pear shaped. Oh well :)

Tomorrow is mothers day, We’re going to my Grandmas so there will be a lot of food involved. But its not a problem. According to MFP I have about 1300 NET cals, I plan to do a 6 mile run tomorrow morning and then 2/3 miles walking home so 1300+ ~700 = 2000 guilt free cals to enjoy :)

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